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Rails & Javascript

Latest releases

DevNotes is a tool for storing all sensitive development information such as FTP / SSH logins, IP addressess, and DNS information. The site is built on top of Ruby on Rails 3 and uses Backbone.js (with jQuery) to manage the user interface. The entire site is themed using Twitter Bootstrap. Good stuff.

AtlasMini is a sticker design creator and showcase. Designs are uploaded using the creator tool with which the user can move, scale, rotate, and colorize images on the fly. The AJAX-heavy front end is managed with Backbone.js which is wired up to a Rails backend. The entire system, including the design tool, is completely optimized and tested across all devices (desktop down to mobile).

Oldies but goodies

The bxSlider has become the go-to jQuery content slider for many folks. Now in version 4 and completely responsive, bxSlider makes implementing content / image sliders a breeze. Written to be used with the latest version of jQuery, bxSlider has stood the test of time. Go ahead and use it already.

Nifty little tool that produces CSS3 code used to style buttons. The app contains a graphical interface that encourages eratic tweaking of box shadows, borders, and font-sizes. A live preview updates the button in real time. So play around until your heart is content.