Steven Wanderski

Hi! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I am a life-long software engineer that has successfully exited a start-up and has helped raise over $150M for charities across the globe.

Work Experience.

  1. 2015 โ€” Present

    Lead Engineer ยท 4aGoodCause

    • Wrote the Ruby on Rails application from scratch in 2015 and migrated all existing data from the previous ASP application
    • Have been the sole maintainer since 2015 while the app remains stable and relatively bug-free
    • Platform generates over $20M in donations each year
    • Major payment processors have been implemented, including Stripe,, and PayPal
    • Platform includes a robust nonprofit user CRM system that includes such functionality as annual reports, donor management, CSV / Excel downloads, and billing features
    • Platform heavily utilizes background workers to offload resource-intensive tasks and cron processes
    • Platform includes a comprehensive test suite that includes end-to-end, integration and unit tests

  2. 2013 โ€” 2019

    Senior Engineer ยท Popular Pays

    • Was the first full-time employee and wrote the original Rails admin application from scratch
    • Graduated from Y Combinator as a co-founder in the W2015 batch
    • Helped grow the company from two to 40 teammates
    • Implemented multiple front-ends (Ember.js) that communicated with a large-scale JSON API
    • Company was successfully acquired by Lightricks, Inc in 2022

  3. 2023 โ€” Present

    Founder ยท SliderUI

    • SaaS that provides a hosted solution for building and maintaining image sliders
    • Built from scratch using Ruby on Rails / Hotwire and uses bxSlider to funnel new users to the app
    • Implements Stripe payment processing